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Concrete Curbing Vs. Traditional Edging

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Florida Borders customers often wonder the benefits of concrete curbing vs traditional landscape edging options. Let us explain briefly.

Black Plastic Edging

  1. Durability: Black edging is not durable. One swipe with the lawn mower and it can be chewed up.

  2. Longevity: Even when this product is staked into the ground this edging will still move around. Which requires repositioning every few months.

  3. Wow Factor: This product provides virtually no curb appeal and in most cases can be an eyesore even more so if it is not properly maintained.

  4. Price: Overall this product is very cheap but.... you obviously get what you pay for with this product.

"Paver" Style Edging

  1. Durability: The actual material is yes its durable. These products however are mass produced so quality can certainly vary drastically.

  2. Longevity: As we mentioned with the Black Plastic Edging, this product doesn't stay put. The pavers will move, bulge or even fall over. This product also leaves tiny vacancies that grass and weeds soon occupy.

  3. Wow Factor: Done correctly by an experienced paver this product can look fantastic, but it also will not be cheap.

  4. Price: It is likely that installing this product correctly will cost you more than you anticipate. In the end, it would cost roughly the same amount as custom concrete curbing if you purchased and installed the pavers yourself or hired someone to do it.

Custom Concrete Curbing

  1. Durability: Custom Concrete Curbing is the most durable product available on the market. Nothing else comes close. Our curbing mix includes hardening additives to ensure long term structure.

  2. Longevity: Installed properly custom concrete curbing can last a life time. Our prep work ensures proper installation and long term enjoyment.

  3. Wow Factor: I mean look at it... this stuff is AWESOME! We can completely customize your concrete curbing design to include your choice of color, texture, antiquing powder, and joint type. Our system allows us to create flawless curves and definitive lines. There is simply no other product available that can provide the unique look and feel of custom concrete curbing.

  4. Price: As mentioned above concrete curbing is more affordable than you think. For roughly the same cost as having paver borders installed you can upgrade your landscape with custom concrete curbing tailored to your design!

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